Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cottage Post Clearup Up-Date - Dinning Room

Well, here is another up-date of a tidy cottage after the big clearup from puppy proofing the house since January 2011.  Lovely and tidy but not decorated or how I really want it to be.  (Some of the messy photos are on the Autumn Cottage tab at the top of the page)

This is part of the dinning hall and just to the right is the wall where our gallery of Art is going to appear (I know I am a bit late with our Artwork of the month but its nearly finished just framing it now!)

The next room up-date will be the living room.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Post Cottage Clear Up Photos - Kitchen

A dear friend of mine took a quick peekie at my blog the other day and was mortified that I had posted "those dreadful photos" of the Cottage in a complete mess and was even more devastated that I had not put up photos of the post cleanup of the cottage  even though the renovation is yet to be done. (the cleanup was a next phase to the puppy proofing of the cottage and with Mille now behaving herself the time was right to get back to normal!)

Well, here they are  ....the tidy version of the cottage in stages.   Oooooh and I must say it does look so much better!  But, it is still in need of an injection of life and colour and all those lovely bits that I call the beautiful accessories but my husband calls clutter.

Its going to take me a while as I have so many things going on at the moment ....such as the Craft Studio step which I have just built with a little assistance of Adie and the Picket fence out in the back garden which is 90% finished and all done with recycled materials! (I'll post photos of the before and after when the weather here brightens up.....its grey and miserable at the moment.)

This is the clean tidy kitchen, the room that now needs the least doing to it.  Just a bit of tweeking!

I have to do a few bits to this room.  I have a small pine wall cupboard to go on the wall and a few hooks to accomodate my pretty hearts! The other area that needs a bit of work is the area by the tall fridge.  It just does't gel  at the moment.  As soon as its done I'll post some more photos.