Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Clock Makeover

I am having a busy day today sorting out my dispaly stand of crafts for the WI (Womens Institute) open evening which I happily volunteered to do a small display table and now I learn I am the only one doing something??? Hmmmn Shame on you WI members (no, just kidding).  Anyway, I popped into my craft room to get some bits together and an hour or so later I suddenly noticed my clock had stopped.  I promptly changed the battery and for some unexplicable reason my thoughts suddenly turned to how boring it looked.  I asked myself that oh so familiar question "how could I up-date this out of character pink clock" (which I think I paid £1 in a charity shop some years ago.)  Well, here's what happened:

My pale pink clock which really didn't go in the cottage and just ended up in the craft studio.

With the glass covered with scrap paper I sprayed it with Montana Gold spray in a taupe colour (its called Flesh # 8190) I had these spray cans left over from some artwork I did.

Looking good so far,  next came a quick layer of Adirondak Alcohol inks...Mushroom and Expresso applied on one pad at the same time.  Had to be fairly quick with this as the ink dried quickly.

Next came a little bit of guilding wax.  I used Metallic Rub-Ons, Deep Gold, I had to go gently with this as it was best to apply it in small amounts and just a tint it on the edges and a small amount on the inner curves.  Lovely!

Eh Voila! A lovely old rusty looking vintage clock. I know what you're thinking the face looks a bit white, well I may vintage that up a bit later.

The lovely old look of patina!

I love that rusty old metallic look.  This took me half and hour which included the paint drying!  It just goes to show theres new life in any object it just needs a bit of vision and a few craft supplies. (I may add a coat of matt varnish to protect it beause it may chip off in time but as this is going to be on a wall it should be ok)

Hope you enjoyed my mini makeover, back to work for me now!  You are welcome to pass it on if you think your friends may like this post.

Have a lovely day.


  1. What an amazing difference, well done!

  2. What a difference a 'crafty' mind and some craft supplies can make! You did a beautiful job on this 'old' clock and I LOVE that guilding paste...I think I need to find some of that for myself. It's been a long time since I did any crafting...time to get back at it! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Maura :)