Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Great day Sketching by the River

I feel like a happy girl.  Adie and I have just got back from a day on Wallasea Island which is very near to where we live.  There's not a great deal on the island but we sat on the shore overlooking the town of Burnham-on -sea which is always buzzing with activity.  The marina thrives and bursts to the full with gleaming white yachts and cruisers and we were quite happy to watch the comings and goings of the sea fairing traffic.  (our gaze followed a police boat that raced out after a speed boat obviously going beyond the permitted speed limit.  A tame chase I guess, as the police boat was really no match and it seemed they were not going to stop for anyone.)

The idea behind this trip was for Adie to start his first piece of artwork for our Home Gallery and for me to hunt for more goodies which have been graciously coughed up by the foaming sea.  It was indeed a success. Adie enjoyed his pencil sketch but it came to a halt when unfortunately a wasp decided to indiscriminately target his knee for a good place to plant a sting.  They are so mean wasps there is no rhyme or reasons behind why they sting....they just do!  In the mad panic we both leapt to our feet and flapped our arms, as one does in these situations, before regaining a calm and dignified pose.  It was only then that Adie realised he had lost his pencil rubber.  His arty time was scuppered and he called it a day.

Well as you can imagine this left me with a dilemma....was this now a good time to tell Adie I had found some rather nice boards very near to where we found our posts yesterday.  (and before you ask....these had been put there intentionally and had previously been used and we were ok to rehome them).  Adie gave me that look as he does then reluctantly gave in to my pleas as I scrambled down the bank to retrieve them.

Then came the long walk back to the car ...Thank god my lovely hubby can carry a fair weight....but I did my bit too I carried all the chairs and picnic stuff and 2 pieces of wood....well done me I say!   Eventually we arrived at the car and both sank into our seats exhausted but pleased again with our haul.    Oh happy days....more materials for yet another project. Life is good! Life is full of unexpected surprises!

These bits are for my next sculpture, apart from the tennis ball...thats for Millie!



  1. Aaaaah I've just notice the seaweed is in the shape of a heart. I guess this was sent with love from the sea.X

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments at my blog. That really warms a heart :)
    Your cottage is adorable, such curb appeal. I can not wait to see what you have in store for this charming lady... I bet the renovation will be amazing. And I envy you alittle, I remember starting on Vinnord... it was the best time.

  3. Hello Debbie!!
    I'm so honored that you have become one of my followers!! I just got caught up with your blog and feel I have new friend! Your home is going to be so pretty...the bits and pieces you've found I know will be made into some lovely objects of art, and I can't wait to see what you and your hubby do for art this month!!! A seaside scene with gorgeous views....lots of inspiration there! I'm in Texas, and with this horrible heat and drought, everything is dead and dry. No outside inspiration here!
    So glad to be one of your new followers too!!
    Oh, and I noticed the seaweed heart right away!!
    Have fun!

  4. Thankyou so much for your kind words. I can see I am going to love catching up with you both. I feel the household chores will be put on hold for a while as I have so much to do with the renovations. Its quite exciting not knowing quite where I will head with things at the cottage I guess it all depends on the junk shop finds I come across.
    Hooefully speak to you soon.
    Debbie x