Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'm Back!

Sorry that I have been away for so long, it seems like an eternity.   I have been a little side tracked and my meanderings of my little world have been put in a little grey box and stored on a shelf whilst I have been fighting a jolly good cause for my little village in which I live.  Our beautiful riverside village has been thrown into turmoil with the unexpected arrival of a new business set to change our surroundings forever.  Our old derelict shellfish shack is set to become a Car Dismantling business which in my world means the same as a Car Breakers Yard!  The wheels of our campaign were set in motion when the realisation set in that this could severely affect our lives, homes and rural idyll. 

Then came Christmas, which was pure joy, although tinged with a slight distraction of the cloud that still hangs over us, it was sheer hard work and everything that a family Christmas should be.  My fantastic beautiful family, parents, sisters and brother, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews descended upon our cottage for a most fabulous Christmas celebration dinner which was, for the first year ever,  a collaboration of all our efforts and shared costs, much to the relief of my husband!  I will post more extracts and photos from our Christmas Day activities in due course.

Of course the inevitable happened, as always does after a flourish of hectic life and madness!  The dreaded illness descended upon us, knocking us down one by one! My husband, Adie, daughter Rachie and I were all struck down with really bad colds, sore throats, coughs and sinusitis.  I am now midway through the second week of having this and it is wearing me down.  But, I see a light. A small glimmer of turning that corner and feeling just that little bit better.  I have spent far too many days and nights cocooned in my favourite blanket which has the soft gentle brush of a comforting teddy bear.

My thoughts are now turning to 2012...What will it bring, on which paths will I travel and which opportunities will I life in my hands! Its so exciting. Of course there will be good times and bad times and choices will deliver unexpected  changes in direction but thats all part of our complex lives.

I had to venture out this week to pick up some more medication and took the opportunity to pay a quick visit to my favourite thrift shop.  Nothing much there I thought, no great finds until I took a quick glance in the book room at the back of the shop....and there it a beam of sunlight, my first find of the year.  From the darkness of this musty room I glanced a rug on the floor partially hidden by piles and piles of books. Promptly asking if this actually for sale I was delighted to be told it was and swifty sealed the deal.  All the while I heard my daughters moans of disgust at how musty, dirty and awful this rug was and how cross Adie would be at me bringing yet another unloved article into the cottage. This was not just any rug, no, no, no.  This was a truly genuine silk rug in need of some love and attention.  My next project awaits my recovery and my cottage awaits yet another gem of recycling so keep in touch and the progress of how I get on will be posted here.

I am off now to get some more tablets and hope to be able to spend more time with you sharing my passion for recycling and my adventures with my rural cottage life.

See you all soon.

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  1. Nice to see you again. Have missed your blogging. Sorry to hear you have had the dreaded post Christmas malaise but glad to hear you had a good Christmas before you became ill. Look forward to more of you adventures with recycling etc.