Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Again another fantastic morning.

The sun is out again and the car is loaded.  I am off on another trip for day, this time going to Burnham-on-Sea to take in the scenery and the village life there.  I am hoping, perhaps I may pick up a good junk find but I am not sure how I'll get it in the car as I am taking my father-in-law, my mum and Rache (my daughter)...could be apacked trip on the way back.  They have some lovely bespoke shops there as well a quaint river front place packed with locally crafted items...hhhhmm can 't wait...the excitment is building! I am hoping to take some unusual photos for future artwork.  Heres hoping.


  1. Thanks Jacqueline, yes I did, I had a great time, Shouldn't really be going out quite so much, but I have a couple of weeks off work and I am making the most of it! I now really need to get going on the cottage which I am glad to say I started this morning the ground floor wc is now cleared and ready to go just need to make my mind up what to do.
    Thanks again for your comment.
    Debbie x