Monday, 10 October 2011

Blow out those cobwebs!

There is nothing better than a brisk blowy day, tugging at your lungs to gulp that fresh air as if to cleanse the stresses of the day.   Even better, a walk along the river with white horses lashing the coast and teasing your eyes to follow each wave.  Simply Joyous!

Of course there is always a compromise and that, in this occassion, was a hairstyle that was fit to be a nest for the birds to shelter from the wind!  The bracing feeling of the biting wind against my face brought a chilling sense of purity about natures force and the sudden change of the landscape around me.  Long tall grasses agressively swishing back and forth by the wind and the frought flight of birds forced to use the airstreem when it most suited them.   

Oh, life is good!  Life is very good...even if only for a short space of time when all ones troubles are blown away and a good blowy day is a wonderful tonic and really should be go on take a walk and be part of the bristling landscape.

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