Monday, 17 October 2011

Celebration parties are so much fun!

I had a lovely conversation recently with a great friend about the joy of bringing together a family party and celebration and how creative one can be with the decorations and setting the theme of the event.  It reminded me of my parents Golden Wedding celebration party in May when I charged with the dutifull responsibilty of creating a replica of my mums bouquet from her wedding day in petal paste flowers to go on a 2 tier M&S pre-iced cake and the 15 Flower arrangements which where to be the centre pieces of the tables.

I loved creating this little bouquet from petal really was such a pleasure!

The flowers were a bit stressfull as I had to dash out and pick up some more as we were running was hard to guage it when you are not a florist.   Despite the last minute panick I got the job done and the flowers were delivered in plenty of time!

Although it was a party staged at my parents home it was a lovelly affair and in my opnion very professionally assembled considering the budget.   The best part was our family gift of a scrapbook meticulously put together over a number of weeks.....lovely!

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