Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Burnham up-date

Had a fabulicious day yesterday in Burnham, relaxed, a bit chilly, a bit windy, lovely lunch and met some lovely people.  I poodled on in to 2 great shops and I snapped a few pics of their lovely things (lots of naurical bits plus fused glass and jewellery... but I wont post them till I have the owners permission, so keep posted on that one.

Saw the most yummy dinghy which would look just perfect in by small walled garden...Hmmn..I think just under the apple tree with lovely striped cotton ticking cushions for a nautical sunbed. Will not have to source one for myself but it may take some time!

and how about this for a wonderful beach house and it is up for sale....and yes I have taken a look on line and yes it is a dream house with a dream house price tag! That reminds me I must buy a lottery ticket this week!

I have taken this picture from the Agents listing.  Click here to take a look     If I had the money I would buy it!


  1. We went to Burnham On Sea a few years back lovely place!
    I like your work !

  2. Thank you, yes it was lovely, a real treat! Its nice to know someone is out there taking a peak at my witterings! Its hard to get a blog up and running and all you can hope for is that your not rambling on to yourself, so it was nice to hear from you.

    Have a lovely day.
    Debbie x