Friday, 12 August 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

A lovely morning.  I am sitting at my computer updating the blog.  The french doors are wide open and I have just heard the calls of seagulls.  A lovely reminder that I am by the sea.  I can also smell the salty seaweed this morning....its a shame we haven't got a white sandy beach here in South Fambridge as I am now dreaming of walking along the sand barefoot, sand beneath the toes.  Awwww ...Jolt back to reality.  I'll just have to make do with a walk with the dog and picking up driftwood and shells off the shore...Mud flats are just not the same as a white sandy beach.  Today I am off to collect some flotsam and jetsom from the river to help Adie start his first piece of artwork for August. Hopefully I'll find some goodies to help him create. (Flotsom are things floating by action of the sea and jetsom are things jettisoned from ships crew....apparently!)

Hopefully later I'll update you with what I have found. x

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