Saturday, 20 August 2011

Never One to Miss an Opportunity!

As you know I really am never one to miss a good opportunity when it comes along and slaps you in the face right between the eyes.  A quick visit, early this morning, to the supermarket has just come up trumps!  The journey back was, as you would expect, quite run of the mill, chatting with Adie about how much we'd spent on food and how much we'd saved going to Aldi's, the cheaper superstore (don't tell my mum....she really is a food snob and just scoffs at the thought of "shopping at that cheap place" as she calls it) .....when ....wham!  there it was, a glorious yellow skip jam packed full of slate roof tiles...."woooo" I cried, "stop the car!"   Adie being Adie did no such thing so it was then left for me to convince him that this sort of find doesn't come along too often and how wonderful it would be to re-style the front garden with new shrubs and lovely slate chippings!  Eventually after a lot of discussion whilst hurriedly putting the shopping in its rightful place he relented and gave in to my whining. Off we went, car protected with blankets and gardening gloves in hand.  On arrival we asked politely if we could offer her slate tiles a new home and gratefully agreed.

Well, 2 car loads later and here we are, a heavenly supply of lovely grey slate, ready and waiting for another of our projects.

Most of the slate will be made into chippings for the garden but some f it is new slate (offcuts from the new roof I think) and I will be making some shabby chic plaques to go around the cottage and garden.  Would love to hear your ideas for any other uses for this great material.

Have a great weekend.

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