Monday, 16 January 2012

A Riverside Find!

Another one of my riverside walks has brought an unexpeted find!  Partially hidden from view amongst the long damp grass, a mystery item lay ungraciously discarded, unloved, unwanted and broken beyond repair ....or so it seemed!   Intrigued, by what this vibrant blue colour could be, I carefully reached into the grass to discover a rather new looking camping chair and on further inspection it became apparent that the frame was sadly broken.  My first thought turned to how disgraceful that visitors to this area should feel it is appropriate to just leave it there because it was broken and therefore rubbish. (or perhaps there is a belief that the "rubbish" fairies will flutter by on the winds and carry away all discarded litter in the midst of darkness!)

Then it dawned on me, my second thought, Hmmn, I have no wings but I am happy to be the one that flutters by and removes litter from the beautiful landscape and with this thought I gathered the sad looking chair and headed for home, hubby in tow muttering "that's rubbish, broken and of no use to you!"  "Aaaah but it is" I declared and walked even more swiftly with a plan firmly embedded in my mind.

My plan was to replace the tatty old green cover from my well used camping chair with the pristine blue cover from the chair I had just saved from the jaws of the rubbish tip or at worst layiing decayed and rustly in time by the river!  With the swift use of a screwdriver the old green ripped cover was removed....
 and expediently relaced with the whole refurbishment taking 5 minutes!  There is nothing more satisfying than recycling...It's truly fabulous and very rewarding.

My chair has now another 5 years of life....thanks to a walk along the river, who'd have thought it!

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