Friday, 20 January 2012

A Small Tale to tell...

The week has shot past in the blink of an eye and I have realised I missed my Wednesday post!   A glance through my arts and craft magazine ignited yet another flame for a project which involves Polymer clay.  Whilst sipping at my coffee, I started to think about my dear friend Lynne and how talented she is at manipulating such a delicate material from a benign blob into a characterful miniature being, such as the little chap below.  I look at his face and ask myself, if he were real, what is he thinking?  Is he listening intently, trying to understand our complex language, slightly confused and yet totally focused on what is being said. Those tiny toes, the small snub nose and the delicate chin all created with the vision of the sculpture.  It fascinates me to know that every detail in this small little being, the clothes and the bear are created by hand.

If only I could have that sensitive touch I would create my own world of small people all with diverse characters telling their stories through facial expressions and sculptured clay.

I am in ore of such talent. Congratulations Lynne on this wonderful piece of work.

This little chap and his bear are for sale and I have included a link so you can take a look.

Ebay Link

Roll on my next project using polymer Clay!

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