Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The WC makover

After lots of days out I now have to get on with some work for the Cottage makeover.  The smallest room is the first to get a bashing around then a glamorous new look.  I just have to decide on the look I want which is usually where I have to really have to stop my mind from wandering off in all sorts of different I go for the white and neutral or perhaps the shabby chic chintzy look or be a bit bolder with a colour and make a statement.  Hmmmmn not sure at the moment so I'm going off to do some research read a few mags and take in a few blogs to get a feel for where I'm heading.

This is gonna need a repaint and I am thinking of changing the panel for something repurposed ....something with a bit more character.  This needs to stay as it hides the pipes for the underfloor heating.

As you can see there's not too much to this room but as is my way I want to make it special. The natural light is not great here as its on a north facing wall but that shouldn't be too much of a challenge.  The challenge I have got is a crack that appears in the wall above the radiator cover. It goes right up the wall and I guess its one of those that'll just keep appearing.  So any ideas would be great.  I have thought about the wood panelling and taking it three quarters of the way up the wall and then incorporating a small shelf.    In fact I need as much help as I can get so all ideas would be very welcome. 

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