Friday, 19 August 2011

An Empty house!

Aaaah, Rache (my daughter) and Adie (my hubby) have gone to work, Phil has just left for the V festival  and the dog has been walked and is now settled. Calm has now enveloped Autumn Cottage.  Bliss!  My coffee is poured and I now have time to chat for just a short while.   

I have a huge task ahead in my Craft Studio.  It is just bulging at the seams and cannot take another craft morsel being put in there. So todays challenge is to tidyup. (sorry WC makeover will now be a bit delayed)

In fact this could take me all of next week.  I love this room but its just not pretty enough for me ...if that makes sense.  A feeling of shabby chic elegance needs to be introduced.  Visions are now wofting from my mind, a spotty or floral oil cloth on the table,  cafe curtains at the windows, the clutter cleared into pretty baskets,containers and bottles....oh yes, thats sparked a bit of interest.  I am now thinking this may take me more than a day and I may need to go shopping for some vintage containers.

Whilst I was in there this morning I came across a small box of these, scented rose petals.  I made them for a craft event last year and had a few left.  They make great little pressies for girl friends, home dried rose petals gift packaged with love (I sometimes add a liitle extra rose essential oil to give that aroma that just oozes from the bag) . Sometimes its nice to pop a basket of these in your WC with a little note "please take one for your home"  Its surprising how many friends love a little unexpected gift and can't wait to come again!   You'll never be short of friends!

I also came across my template for my bird house, I just adore this little thing, its a shame its not weatherproofed as I would hang lots of these from my apple tree...Hmmmmn I wonder if I could do one thats weatherproofed, now that another thought for a project.   These are pretty to hang around the house for storing pot pouri in and also mini versions are great ornaments for the christmas tree or if you have a summer party and just want add something to the bunting hang a few of these nearby ...just delightful!

Coffee's finished so my time is up and I must now depart the cyberworld for some serious work.

Have a lovely day and please leave comments to let me know you are there and if you have any crafting ideas for those outdoor parties or gifts for friends.

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