Thursday, 18 August 2011

Its a Bloomin Good LIfe!

Just stopping by for a short while to put a few photos on.  Its a cold miserable day here in the UK and I feel the need for a quick boost of happiness!

My Salad basket from last year, Practical and looks good.

This is a hibiscus, close up.  The middle looks a bit like a yummy flavoured chocolate.

I love taking photos of flowers and plants as they are so architechural and make great pieces of artwork for the cottage.

How dreary our lives would be without plant life, can you colourful blooms or lucious foliage.

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  1. Followed you here from Craft Telly. Your photography is exquisite Debbie - will now follow your blog. Hope you enjoy popping over to mine one day. Dreadful weather today - thank goodness we have crafting for company.